The philosophy of IMPREXA can be expressed in wanting to be the specialist of printed asphalt. The company was born from those who imported the famous brand StreetPrint in Italy, back in 1997; nowadays, IMPREXA is a young enterprise with the ambitious goal to create a network of applicators in Italy and in Europe, in order to be a leader in the young market of decorative asphalt paving, and we want to do this with a brand which is exclusively Made in Italy: IMPREXA.

IMPREXA provides equipment and specific materials to create pavings on printed asphalt: steel matrixes, vibratory plates of ESA type (Enhanced for Stamped Asphalt), which are designed to resist to very heavy clycles of printing, and also the new polyethylene matrix, provided with high resistance, good pricing, flexibility and lightness. Two technicians manage to perform more than 300 square metres per day. In this way they reduce labor and equipment costs and they can increase the margin of productivity to such a level which was hardly reachable for contractors. We also produce AsphaltCoat resins, which are produced through a different technique for each project: Base, Bike, Traffic and nowadays even AIRLESS, the new version of spray resin with airless pumps, used to define highly complex projects without using masks.

In sum, IMPREXA aims at being an all-in-one partner for every contractor: it wants to provide contractors with every tool they need, but also with technical support and any material to perform personalized and resistant paving on printed asphalt.