Matrici Asfalto Stampato


We have developed a new kind of templates plastic made to reduce initial investment: templates at a fraction of the cost with a different durability from steel but with more favorable mortgage.
 With their lightest weight you can really work with only two people, reducing dramatically printing costs, making job more convenient for contractor.

FramingIMPREXA JOINT: asphalt is monolithic, flat and expansion joint free: this is a big technical advantage but the appearance is very poor. Imprexa developed a joint simulation just to create physical separation of the different colour. This brilliant solution very easy to apply create a brilliant cromatic variation with a physical separation very elegant.


IMPREXA templates catalog has been developed on contractor’s need. From the typical brick, in his traditional layout, up to the diagonal herringbone version.

With the possibility to easily create custom design to simplify the printing layout. To the traditional eurofan stones, linear or with arch.

A large set of roundabout from 1,5 m radius to any size possible, including different crosswalk shape.

We don’t forget IMPREXA joint, the revolution in coloring asphalt project: FRAMING pavements with an elegant solution!

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